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GOLF Full Day Camp

6 day call out option: Valid for 12 months
Incl Flights, Lunch & green fees (if required) - Upfront payment 5% discount

Unlimited Call out option: (1 per week max)
incl flights, Lunch & Green Fees (if required) - Upfront payment only

Corporate Hire

1 hour clinic before you group tee off & Play through the groups
Stand on a par 3 and beat the pro
Long drive beat the pro

Call or email for details

Corporate Lady Group:

Ever wanted to build on your golf skills to play in your next corporate business day? I would love to help give you the opportunity to attend prevalent golfing corporate days to help you make connections and potentially grow your business.

Call or email for details:

One on 2 or 3
Bring a client(s) for a golf lesson

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