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I have a passion for human learning and mental performance as well as utilising the latest technologies to measures internal key performance indicators.

I create an engaging and fun environment for my students to reach their potential and play more consistently. I have an extensive knowledge of the game and understanding of the mind and body communication paths. Using this knowledge and a holistic approach, my students transform their game and learn a completely different outlook on what it means to perform and succeed on the golf course.


The beauty of 'Mind to Movement's' in-depth approach teaches the foundations of simple training methods to: - Learn your own individual most efficient swing sequence to allow for your best ball strike

- Learn how to effectively connect your mind to your bodies mechanics

- Learn techniques to overcome bad habits, mental and physical obstacles by implementing Mind to Movement's key practice principles

- Perform consistently under pressure and have more love for the game

By committing to my learning philosophies, you will also have access to a fantastic golfing facility that offers night practice, golf at one of the best condition courses and greens in Yangon, grass and mat practice with a short game area; a great environment for learning. If you commit to your new individualised program, I can guarantee you will improve your golfing experience, or your money back! If you can’t make it to Star City, you can learn with me through the Skillest App. Book a session today!



Golf improvement programs that will incorporate both my specialised training methods and concepts as well as consideration of your goals, time availability and skill level. 

My initial goal is to:

1. To meet you and identify your goals and ambitions for your golf.
2. Outline a detailed plan for you after assessing your game and motion.






"Under Jakes coaching my handicap has dropped from 14 to 6.

Jakes ability to communicate simply and effectively is a highly sort-after skill when trying to find a

great golf coach. He has a wealth of knowledge but keeps the translation simple for his clients.

Not only is Jake proficient with the technical aspect of my game, he has also helped me under-

stand that mental and physical preparation are just as important.

Jake has designed a program specifically for me, and he pays great attention to detail in looking

at all aspects of my swing, physical barriers and my mental game. He is also always available for

support if I have any questions post our sessions.​"

Gary McLean

Client since 2014

"My name is Eugene and I am a member at Lakelands Golf Club I am a low handicapper who currently plays pennant golf. For the past 9 months I have been guided by Jake in becoming a more competent player in the short game area. He has given me the confidence and technique to allow me to conquer my fears around the greens. Without doubt the tuition I have received from Jake is allowing me to take giant leaps forward in the quality of golf I now possess in my short game. Jake is extremely knowledgeable and professional .in his application of his coaching. I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone needing help with their golf game."

Eugene Nix

February 10, 2016

"I’ve had four lessons with Jake to date. His teaching method is excellent. He evaluated my personal style in depth and worked with me on every element of the game, including club preference, before even hitting a ball. During the four lessons we covered all stages of the game but most importantly he addressed the mental approach and course management. His approach was very professional yet casual and personal. His observations are spot on and to the point. I received positive and constructive feedback to work with from every lesson. In a span of four weeks I’ve knocked 10 shots off my game. I feel confident with his advice and teachings and highly recommend Jake to others whether they are skilled or new to the game."


March 16, 2018



Star City Links,

Star City, Thanlyin, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)


Pro Shop: +95 9423 851101


WhatsApp: +65 8110 6698

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